Here you will find books written by Dr. Andy McCabe and other City Bear Press Authors.

The Gifted One

The Gifted One draws his knowledge and experience from a source that predates time, as we know it, and he wants to teach you. . as he taught Citybear. The Gifted One: The Journey Begins does not pretend to have all the answers for living a happy, productive and successful life; however, from the time you begin your journey, you will never see your life the same as you do today. You will see more clearly and deeply into the life's mysteries with its joys, sorrows and challenges. Once you have been introduced to this new knowledge, you will never be able to go back to being the person you are today. You will be the new and improved version mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. For those of you who are willing to risk change and accept the challenge of working toward the fulfillment of your dreams, as well as improving the quality of life on Mother Earth, fasten your seatbelt for the ride of your life. Buy it now on Amazon.

How Women Will Change the World

How Women Will Change the World is a fictional account in the spirit of The Celestine Prophecy. It resonates strongly with the themes women are grappling with and will inspire them to go beyond the ‘old boys’ network’ and create a ‘new women’s network’ with a higher purpose.  Buy it now on Amazon.

Books In Development ...

The Autism Help Book

By Sarah Carrasco:

A Parents Guid to Understanding and Remediating Autism.

The Making of Allison The Rock Girl

By Allison Hayes

Allison Hayes The Rock Girl, is also known as Psychic to the Stars.  Her clientele includes numorous movie and industry celebrities.  Her book describes her life and talent.