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Written by Dr. Andy McCabe and other
City Bear Press Authors

The Gifted One

The journey begins

by dr andy mccabe


The Gifted One draws his knowledge and experience from a source that predates time, as we know it, and he wants to teach you. . as he taught Citybear. The Gifted One: The Journey Begins does not pretend to have all the answers for living a happy, productive and successful life; however, from the time you begin your journey, you will never see your life the same as you do today. You will see more clearly and deeply into the life’s mysteries with its joys, sorrows and challenges. Once you have been introduced to this new knowledge, you will never be able to go back to being the person you are today. You will be the new and improved version mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. For those of you who are willing to risk change and accept the challenge of working toward the fulfillment of your dreams, as well as improving the quality of life on Mother Earth, fasten your seatbelt for the ride of your life.

How Women Will Change the World

The Journey Continues

by dr andy mccabe


How Women Will Change the World is a fictional account in the spirit of The Celestine Prophecy. It resonates strongly with the themes women are grappling with and will inspire them to go beyond the ‘old boys’ network’ and create a ‘new women’s network’ with a higher purpose. 

Andy McCabe is no ordinary storyteller. His tour de force inspires readers to be better people. How Women Will Change the World is well-crafted and poetic.

Ward Morehouse III
Author of Discovering the Hudson

The Autism Helpbook

by sarah carrasco


Your child has been diagnosed with autism, now what?

When a child is diagnosed with autism, parents find themselves navigating insurance law, special education services and therapy options. Wouldn’t it be easier to have all of this information in one, easy-to-read book? The Autism Helpbook gives parents the tools they need in order to help their child thrive. Written in conversational language, The Autism Helpbook offers practical advice on self-care, obtaining a diagnosis, insurance and Medicaid, biomedical interventions, therapies, education, preparing for adolescence and adulthood, legal considerations and life with autism.

Written by the mother of a sixteen-year-old boy with autism, this book offers practical advice for parents, caregivers and professionals in an unintimidating manner. Rather than spending years leaning to navigate systems of care, parents can use this book as a tool to hit the ground running and get their child the services they need in a timely fashion. The only book on the market of its kind, The Autism Helpbook is THE resource guide for parents, family members and professionals.

I'm Sorry
Jimmy Muscle

by debra J. O'Fee


When we first received my son’s autism diagnosis we were trying to settle into our new lives. Most important was looking into all the therapies that would help him learn how to communicate with us.

It was such a new scary world. It was the first time we were being introduced to our school district and we were instantly put in a position to work closely with them on a subject that we knew nothing about but had just become the most important focus of our lives. A lot of children with autism have a lot of sensory issues; my son was one of them. We had many upsetting experiences in the beginning helping him cope with them. Many meltdowns and embarrassing scenes in public. Dealing with the judgmental stares of non-understanding people. Just when I felt so overwhelmed, exhausted and not able to handle another thing, my son went missing for a short period of time. We figured out he is an eloper (48% of children with autism are). My son who seemed to be disinterested and not able to focus on most things, was calculating and strategizing in one area: removing himself from situations he did not feel comfortable in. If I thought things were hard before, his eloping would have us not even able to get sleep at night. 

The theme of our lives had become trying to keep one step ahead of his beautiful creative mind.
This is our story.

The Book of Sasquatch

by louis conte


Sasquatch, the dominant male Big Foot in his domain in the Hoh Forrest, begins his journey to a greater awareness with a burning hatred of mankind, bent on seeking revenge against humanity for the senseless murder of his son at the hands of a human hunter. Then Sasquatch begins to receive telepathic messages about love, kindness and caring for others. Sasquatch comes to realize that the mind messages are coming from a non-verbal child with autism. The truth that Sasquatch learns from the child changes his path, causing him to challenge everything he once believed and to sacrifice everything for the hope of a New World, where anything is possible.

Faith Challenge

by Anthony Raimondo


A 30-day challenge to increase the Faith of Jesus Christ in your heart, mind, and soul.

Journey Through Revelation

by Anthony Raimondo


This commentary takes the reader through the Book of Revelation from a literary perspective as reading a narrative’s final closing chapter of a great novel. It also uses the device of watching events unfolding as a theatre production.

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Autism Essentials

Prevention, causes, remediation, education, vocation, legal and parent thoughts

edited by dr andy mccabe


The focus of Autism Essentials is to assist parents and teachers to have access to the most current policies, practices and suggestions regarding the above areas, as related to children on the spectrum. As opposed to a scholarly and highly technical presentation, this book will be written in a form that is easy to understand and follow.

It is our intention to de-mystify autism by presenting a step-by -step, highly professional, carefully constructed manual for addressing the needs of our children both pre-natal and after the spectrum diagnosis.

All of the chapter authors have donated their work without compensation knowing that the profits from this book will be donated to Autism Trust.

Books in Development

BY Tammy Goldstein

The Goldstein Approach:

Autism Education and
the Role of Bodywork
BY Maureen McDonnell, BS, RN
AND Amy Gordon, RD, MS, CCEP

Wake the Hell Up and Listen to the Moms!

BY Allison Hayes
With Dr. Andy McCabe

Beyond Gifted:

The Story of Allison The Rock Girl

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