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Dr. Andy

Andy McCabe received his Psy.D. in 1999 from the Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology at Rutgers University. He has presented programs on stress management to educators, corporate leaders, police officers, and medical professionals as well as to members of the United States Navy. He is the author of two books: The Gifted One, The Journey Begins and How Women will Change the World.

Dr. McCabe worked with 33 authors to develop Autism Essentials, a guide for parents, teachers and professionals who contend with the issue of autism. The authors included in the book are professionals Dr. McCabe interviewed on his radio program, Autism with Dr. Andy.

Andy McCabe is an Associate Professor at New Jersey City University in the Special Education Department and is President of the publishing company, City Bear Press.

Debra J.

Debra J. O’Fee is a former Vice President at Citigroup; she now works as a Secretary at Uniondale High School.  She lives in Nassau County with her husband and 2 children and serves on her school district’s SEPTA board.  

After her son’s Autism diagnosis at the age of 3, Debra started keeping a journal to measure her son’s progress. When she would go back to read some of her prior entries she’d find herself sometimes laughing, sometimes crying, but always fascinated. Throughout her life people always told her she “should write a book.” There has never been a topic about which she really felt passionate…until now.


Sarah Carrasco is a Coordinator for Talk about Curing Autism (TACA) for the state of Colorado, an educational advocate for children with developmental delays and has written curriculum on autism for daycare centers. Sarah has mentored families impacted by autism for over ten years and works to ensure the best outcomes for children regarding health insurance, education, biomedical interventions and wandering prevention. She works with her local police department, providing materials to officers pertaining to; recognizing the symptoms of autism, legal rights of people with developmental delays and wandering. She lives in Colorado with her three sons, her eldest son David has regressive autism. When David was diagnosed with autism in 2005, he was considered to have “worst-case-scenario for autism” by specialists due to his highly aggressive and self-injurious behaviors and complete lack of verbal communication. Today, thanks to Sarah’s commitment to healthy diet and detox, David is considered high-functioning. He is now verbal, learning job and money management skills, he is happy and all negative behaviors are a thing of the past.


Louis Conte is a polygraph examiner, writer, retired law enforcement officer and independent investigator. As a leading advocate for people with autism, he has championed their cause in state capitols and Washington, DC. 

The Book of Sasquatch, his second novel, is forthcoming. His first novel, The Autism War was published with Skyhorse. He also co-wrote a work of non-fiction, Vaccine Injuries with Tony Lyons, also with Skyhorse. 

Conte lives in Westchester County, New York, with his wife, Andrea, and their three sons, Thomas, Sam and Louie.

Anthony "Doc"

Anthony “Doc” Raimondo is the founder and President/CEO of Accelerating Evolution LLC, a producer, director, author, keynote speaker, Christian life coach, and teacher. He holds two Masters degrees, one in Educational the other in Communication, and Doctorate in Educational Supervision. These degrees have taught him well how to conduct research.

“Doc” as an educator and life coach he teaches that purpose of providing Christians with opportunities to share

their God-given talent with humanity to evolve both the performer and the audience to the spiritual development that God inspires us to obtain.

Dr. Raimondo has spent his life from his teen years studying the Scripture and various doctrines. He believes the most excellent story ever written is the Bible. Raimondo has taught reading and writing for 20 years thinks the many theologians ignore the literary position of a complete saga from beginning to end. The main character God transforming a dark world into light via a single man becoming a nation with an offspring that saves all of humankind by a single event. In doing so to overcome a super-villain and his minions. The protagonist, Israel throughout the saga, is a tragic character resembling a harlot wife.

“Doc” also has brought his verbal storytelling skills to the printed word in the Least of Brothers Series based on two verses from the Bible Matthew 25:40 and verse 45. “What you did, or did not do, for the least of brothers, or sisters you did or did not do to me.”Doc” has IMDb credits for a feature film as an associate producer of Silver Twins and producer credit for The Johnson Show. He has also produced an Internet Radio program; Doc Speaks Show on Intention Radio, as well as over a 160 YouTube videos. Also, he has produced several Off-Broadway Theatre Productions written by Antony Raymond, Julio, Pretty Babies, Lustiness, Gin & Milk, Apt. 301, and Yeah, I met this girl; resented a dance performance of The Savior Project and the Gitrite Comedy Show at a cafe theatre in Newark, NJ.

The Featured Authors
of autism essentials

All authors were asked to provide a chapter, no less than 5 pages  related to their specialty. All submissions were made without financial compensation to the author.

At the end of each chapter, the author will be recognized with his/her brief bio and a listing of their books and publisher, as well as contact information.

Thank you for helping us to help families who are trying to cope with the overwhelming stress of having a child on the spectrum.