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I'm Sorry Jimmy Muscle

When we first received my son’s autism diagnosis we were trying to settle into our new lives. Most important was looking into all the therapies that would help him learn how to communicate with us.

It was such a new scary world. It was the first time we were being introduced to our school district and we were instantly put in a position to work closely with them on a subject that we knew nothing about but had just become the most important focus of our lives. A lot of children with autism have a lot of sensory issues; my son was one of them. We had many upsetting experiences in the beginning helping him cope with them. Many meltdowns and embarrassing scenes in public. Dealing with the judgmental stares of non-understanding people. Just when I felt so overwhelmed, exhausted and not able to handle another thing, my son went missing for a short period of time. We figured out he is an eloper (48% of children with autism are). My son who seemed to be disinterested and not able to focus on most things, was calculating and strategizing in one area: removing himself from situations he did not feel comfortable in. If I thought things were hard before, his eloping would have us not even able to get sleep at night.

The theme of our lives had become trying to keep one step ahead of his beautiful creative mind.
This is our story.