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Dr. Andy McCabe

Andy McCabe received his Psy.D. in 1999 from the Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology at Rutgers University. He has presented programs on stress management to educators, corporate leaders, police officers, and medical professionals as well as to members of the United States Navy. He is the author of two books: The Gifted One, The Journey Begins and How Women will Change the World.

Dr. McCabe worked with 33 authors to develop Autism Essentials, a guide for parents, teachers and professionals who contend with the issue of autism. The authors included in the book are professionals Dr. McCabe interviewed on his radio program, Autism with Dr. Andy.

Andy McCabe is an Associate Professor at New Jersey City University in the Special Education Department and is President of the publishing company, City Bear Press.


Marty gamble

Thirty years of experience in the field of marketing, analytics, and information technology has allowed Marty Gamble to create a proven track record of a wide range of predictive and response models for the Direct Marketing Industry and Non-Profit organizations. These processes will enable us to generate the technique to define the relationship between response and the factors that cause that response, such as lifestyle, demographic, behavioral, and psychographic characteristics. Throughout his career, he has held positions of President and CEO for several industry- leading computer service bureaus. He feels very fortunate to have joined with Dr. Andy McCabe on a new mission, the creation of “City Bear Press,” with the mission statement “Publishing Books That Will Change The World.”

City Bear Press is a new publishing company that operates "without walls."

Why Publish with city bear press?

We Reduce Overhead

City Bear Press has reduced overhead so that we can provide our authors more royalties than the traditional publishing houses.

Personalized Service

We aim to publish up ten books per year to provide personalized service to our authors in regard to editing, design, and marketing.

A Global

City Bear Press leverages the Internet in new and creative ways enabling us to reach a broad international market while minimizing costs.

Wholesale Pricing

We at City Bear Press allow our authors to purchase as many books as they choose at wholesale prices.

We Provide

City Bear Press makes sure to provide the highest quality editing, design, printing, and marketing to our authors.

Are you An Aspiring Author?

If you are exploring the City Bear Press website, then you are likely already thinking about writing your own book, telling your own story, sharing your own knowledge. City Bear Press connects well with established writers who value the cost efficiency and professional approach of our organization. Equally important, City Bear Press encourages aspiring writers to submit their manuscripts – or even just their ideas for possible publication –  for review and comment. City Bear Press can assist aspiring writers to move from a rough draft through to publication and distribution of a book by providing personal attention and guidance through each step of the often seemingly overwhelming writing process.

Each novice writer needs to consider the challenging tasks of carefully considering the needs of the prospective audience, organizing ideas into a coherent structure, giving focused attention to all the conventions of standard written English, and finally, presenting a message in a way that will pique and maintain the attention of readers. City Bear Press prizes its ability to provide professional guidance through these steps, with emphatic attention to the editorial process.

Please contact Andy McCabe at City Bear Press who will gladly speak with you about your ideas and your goals. Together, Andy and his team are ready to support your ambition to become a published author!

Reach out and take the next step in your journey.