Dr. Marquette’s experiences have spanned over three decades as a special educator teacher, school transition administrator, author, qualitative researcher, conference speaker, adjunct professor at Bellarmine University and art business manager for her autistic son, Trent. 

In 2007, Jackie, earned a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership, Human Resources, and Education Administration at University of Louisville. 

Based on Dr. Marquette’s teachings, she offers training to professionals, counselors, and teachers for 6 CEU credits .Her program has been accredited by the Commission on Rehabilitation Counselor Certification, CRCC. 

Dr Marquette’s proprietary program, S.A.F.E.T.Y. Works©, is a catalyst in Educational School Leadership for business leaders and managers. When company leaders understand the added value that Neurodiverse persons offer a business, their company acquires some of the best, loyal, and productive employees. Business leaders must also understand the challenges and strengths of Neurodiverse employees to implement adaptive environments that ensure on-the-job success for the employee and the employer. 

Dr Jackie writes curriculum to create student digital and google app resources for self-awareness, social awareness, self-advocacy, and careers. Her student educational resources serve students across the United States and in five countries. Dr. Marquette acknowledges the importance of introducing youth to tools that teach them to emotionally adapt to a world that will ask much from them. She believes when youth receive mentorship and prepare themselves to be emotionally adaptive, that they will thrive and contribute to the evolving and ever-changing world. She walks her talk as she has an adult autistic son. Recognizing his strengths and interests in creating art along with his social/emotional challenges, she helped him create a supported, independent life since 2001 as a working artist. 

Dr Jackie conducted qualitative research with over eight hundred participants: youth with Autism Spectrum, their families, and their educators, counselors, or therapists. She learned about their lived experiences and dreams of building a meaningful life—- employment, college, community assisted living—- while facing apparent insurmountable  obstacles. Dr. Marquette continued her research for an additional 15 years, creating emotionally adaptation tools which she utilized in her practice with youth seeking employment. She delivered her services for 6 years through the Kentucky Office of Vocational Rehabilitation. The resources and curriculum she created are based on her life experience, professional experiences, and qualitative research findings. 

Universally recognized colleagues in the disability field have endorsed her for skills in Autism Spectrum Disorders, Training, and Research.