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The mission of City Bear Publishing, also known as City Bear 1 LLC, is to provide authors, who have a desire to make a positive difference in our world,the opportunity to be heard. Because we are a virtual company, we have reduced our overhead so that we can provide our authors with royalties far in excess of traditional publishing houses. Our goal, to publish only ten books a year, will allow us to provide personalized service to our authors in regard to editing, design, printing and marketing.

Featured Book

Autism Essentials

Prevention, Evaluation, Remediation, Education, Vocational and Legal

The focus of Autism Essentials is to assist parents and teachers to have access to the most current policies, practices and suggestions regarding the above areas, as related to children on the spectrum. As opposed to a scholarly and highly technical presentation, this book will be written in a form that is easy to understand and follow.

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It is our intention to de-mystify autism by presenting a step-by -step, highly professional, carefully constructed manual for addressing the needs of our children both pre-natal and after the spectrum diagnosis.

Most of the authors chosen to be part of this project are recognized experts in the field and have written important books about their specialty. Others are professionals who have written journal articles recognized as making significant contributions toward helping our kids on the spectrum. All chapters are designed to be user friendly and full of practical guidance.

In addition to providing important spectrum related information, it is our intention to assist families, usually mothers, who are feeling overwhelmed by being the parent(s) of a child on the spectrum. Currently, we are calling the funding component of this project, Operation Desperation, and all profits will be used to provide counseling, support and training for emotionally challenged moms and dads throughout the United States.

city bear press, llc would like to thank our featured affiliate

Dr. Jackie Marquette

Dr. Jackie Marquette has years of expertise in helping students on the autistic spectrum you through the path to finding a career and starting their future.

The Featured Authors

All authors were asked to provide a chapter, no less than 5 pages  related to their specialty. All submissions were made without financial compensation to the author.

At the end of each chapter, the author will be recognized with his/her brief bio and a listing of their books and publisher, as well as contact information.

Thank you for helping us to help families who are trying to cope with the overwhelming stress of having a child on the spectrum.

All of the chapter authors have donated their work without compensation knowing that the profits from this book will be donated to Autism Trust.

The Autism Trust, a non-profit organization with the mission of providing vocational, educational, wellness, and semi-independent residential programs for individuals with autism, is the engine behind The Autism Center, Austin. The Autism Trust was founded by The Tommey family.

How We'll Change The World

Our books will provide readers with provocative, practical, cutting edge information. We want to attract exceptional authors who have a message that will inspire, educate and, in many cases,
offer needed guidance and healing. 

Some Examples:

The Gifted One

"The Gifted One is a guidepost for life. It is a must read for people who are on the crossroads of their lives. Powerful, fun and insightful."

– Rowena Francisco, M.D.
Adult, Adolescent and Child Psychiatrist

How Women Will Change the World

"How Women Will Change the World resonates strongly with the themes women are grappling with and will inspire them to go beyond the 'old boys" network and create a 'new women's 'network' with a higher purpose."

– Zoey O'Toole,
editor-in-chief of the blog, The Thinking Moms' Revolution

The Autism Help Book

"The Autism Help Book is a must read for any parent, family member or teacher who wants to understand the complexities of autism. Written by the mother of an autistic child this book provides answers that will make a difference for anyone who works with a child on the spectrum. What otherwise may be daunting is broken down into small, doable pieces that can catapult parents and teachers forward and lead to real changes, for their children."

– Mary Romaniec
author of Victory Over Autism

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