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Dr. Jackie Marquette

What Is Marquette Strengths & Career Index?


The Marquette Strengths and Career Index (MSCI) is a tool aimed towards students and young adults with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) who are interested in finding their strengths and possible career paths.

I believe in viewing a student or young adult through the lens of their strengths and emotional-social support needs. For 3 decades my work has been with students and young adults on the Autism Spectrum and those who struggle socially and emotionally.

When youth are supported to take an inventory of their strengths and interests, this process can be very powerful. It has amazed many students to see strengths they didn’t know they had. This process has lead students and their advocates to see specific job tasks or careers that are good matches.

Next, learning becomes more powerful when youth have exposure and experience to job tryouts, volunteer, or hobby interests. I discovered it is empowering for youth to participate in activities and lessons that promote self-awareness development.

Some student outcomes from my strength-based assessments and curriculum on self-awareness and self-advocacy practice include:

  • knowing they are a valuable, unique individual
  • not giving up when learning something new is a bit difficult
  • practicing ways to keep safe in different settings
  • practicing self-regulation and use a process to choose next step options
  • seeking advice from people who have their best interests in mind
  • finding a direction for a job or career to enjoy and one that promotes their adaptation
  • connecting to others on a team and practice collaboration and cooperation
  • Practicing using tools that enable them to emotionally and socially adept.

Current reports indicate youth as a whole group nationally are in a state of crisis. There are many possible variables. But too many students with autism spectrum and related disabilities are not getting employed and if employed, they struggle to keep their jobs.

Our young adults are our country’s greatest resource. Our time and energy focused upon them are greatly needed and doing so, their success becomes an overall advantage to all of us. As we perceive youth capabilities through the lens of their strengths and emotional-social support needs, we are their believing mirrors on what they are capable of becoming.

Dr Jackie Marquette

You, or someone who understands you

exceptionally well, can take the assessment.

Let Dr. Jackie help you through the assessment to find your professional skills and interests, and ultimately, begin your career.

Dr. Jackie Marquette

Meet The Woman Behind The Marquette Strengths and Career Index

Dr. Jackie Marquette writes curriculum for student career preparation and on-the-job success as it relates to skill development and social-emotional learning. She is the founder of the Transition Career Academy teaching online courses and face-to-face workshops.

Her training is approved for 6 CE’s by the Commission on Rehabilitation Counselor Certification (CRCC). She has been endorsed by highly recognized colleagues in the disability field for skills in Autism Spectrum Disorders, Training, and Research. Her extensive experiences span teaching students with learning/developmental disabilities and ‘at risk’, spearheading autism community workplace projects, implementing school district transition programs, consulting and using her own tools, one-to-one with youth seeking employment through the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation.

She has researched and interviewed over 800 youth with autism, their advocates, professionals, and family members. Dr. Jackie has an adult son with autism and created employment and an art business for his enjoyment and quality of life. She creates all of her resources for youth based upon her wide experiences both professional and personal. Her program is engineered to be a catalyst for leaders, employers, and youth with the support of their advocates.

The purpose is to enhance everyone’s performance and to make a meaningful difference in schools, companies that employ youth, and the lives of all youth, including those who have a disability and/or who struggle socially and emotionally.

Statement From Dr. Jackie - What Gets Between Youth & Their Goals

After decades of teaching youth with disabilities in all grades and researching employment adaptations for youth on the autism spectrum, Dr. Jackie Marquette discovered what youths need to acquire employment.

Just like a two-sided coin, one side is for employers to acknowledge a candidate’s skills, strengths, and support needs, then support the employee and the other side of the coin is preparing youth to see their skills and interests from a wide range of strengths, personalized supports, and gainful social-emotional awareness.

Jackie has an adult son with autism and she has walked the walk, with ups and downs, failures, and successes.

Trent had employment at Meijer, a retail store for 13 years with innovative supports and for 19 years Trent has created abstract paintings for his art business.

Many youths fall short in getting employed or getting in the right workplace environment because of limited opportunities and experiences to prepare for personal and social awareness. Very few educators, counselors, and employment professionals understand why or how to prevent the high unemployment rate among youth.

An important offering to the neurodiversity, career, and self-empowerment literature …

Dr. Marquette’s … [book offers] an important contribution to mental health concerns, rigidities, social struggles, and anxieties … Her integration of these areas is seamless … Her Strength and Career Index with the Power Practices book should be introduced as part of school transition planning …

Shelia Mansell PhD. R. Psych.

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