I’m Sorry Jimmy Muscle


At the time when we first received my son’s autism diagnosis, we were trying to settle into new lives in a new location outside of the city. In a new neighborhood, in a new school district. The diagnosis forced a reorganizing of priorities. Most important was looking into all the therapies that would help Ryan learn to communicate with us.

Many children with autism have sensory issues, my son was one of them. There were many upsetting experiences in the beginning as we tried to help him cope with his differences. There were many meltdowns and embarrassing scenes in public. We dealt with judgmental stares of non-understanding people.

Just when I felt so overwhelmed, exhausted, and unable to handle another thing, my son went missing for a short period of time. We learned that he is an eloper, as are 48% of children with autism. My son, who seemed to be disinterested and unable to focus on most things, was calculating and strategizing in one area: removing himself from situations in which he was uncomfortable. Things became worse before they became better. The theme of our lives became trying to keep one step ahead of his beautiful, creative mind.

This is our story.


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